Wholistic Brands is dedicated to making delicious and nourishing meals and snacks to transform your relationship with food into something positive, wholesome and friendly.


Our mission incorporates our three values:

Accessible - to make our vegan inspired and healthy, traditional food products easy to access for those who can’t find it or afford it or have limited time. We make our meals available by providing availability through delivery and pick up and are working to expand our distribution in Cincinnati. We are also developing our strategy to fight food insecurity in food deserts to provide access to wholesome and nutritious food and education on eating well and being well.


Quality - To provide optimal nutritional value through our products and services, while operating our business with integrity and ethical practices within our organization, promoting environmental sustainability in our production and packaging, and operating with efficient business practices to promote growth and financial sustainability for the company, future stakeholders, and future employees. 

Wholesome - to serve nutritious and satisfying food products to those who want to eat healthy, to promote a friendly, healthy relationship with food, and to use our resources to invest in social and economic development needs through community partnerships.


For the well-being of people and communities to be positively transformed by empowering the connection between food and people.


1. Accessible

2. Quality 

3. Wholesome

As we begin, these are the principles that guide our decisions in order to build a healthier and better community through food.

© 2020 by Wholistic Brands.

Mark 12:30-31✝️

Dedicated to God, and my neighbor

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