The beginning is the most important part of the work

~ Plato

Summer Sunday nights, Founder, Benita Munnerlyn and her friends would play sand volleyball together after church. Although they would be having a great time, games were cut short because everyone would get hungry and stop playing. In an effort to maximize their time, Benita brought her homemade granola as a healthy, energizing snack. Her pastor loved the granola so much that he wanted to buy some. Thus on July 9, 2017, a company was born

Benita actually first received the calling to run her own food company at 13 years old, and finally at 21 the opportunity arose. She began cranking out granola for her friends and family from church in her apartment in Clifton while she was attending the University of Cincinnati. In February 2018, she introduced her Peanut Butter n Chocolate Oat Bakes; a plant-based twist on the chocolate chip cookie. March 2018 Wholistic Brands LLC became a registered business leading into a summer of selling her products at Findlay Market and other events in the city. After graduating in 2019, Benita ran into a college friend, Joseph Malek, at a networking event. They both realized they shared a passion for healthy food and a heart for transforming the community and eradicating food deserts in Cincinnati. Joseph began volunteering with Wholistic Brands at events and cooking in the kitchen. In January 2020, he became a Managing Partner of the company, sharing in shaping the vision, mission, strategy, and direction of Wholistic Brands. 


They both are committed to making all types of healthy food everyone can enjoy, supporting environmentally sustainable efforts, and enhancing community development by developing community partnerships and identifying needs that can be met with their current resources. 

Wholistic Brands continues expanding its reach and product line in order to transform the lives and well-being of those in the Cincinnati community and beyond. 

© 2020 by Wholistic Brands.

Mark 12:30-31✝️

Dedicated to God, and my neighbor

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