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Keeping You Healthy Amidst a Pandemic.

What is great about our food, is that it is created to allow you to be your best and healthy self. With nutrient rich vegetables, protein, and fiber, our food helps strengthen your immune system and maintain great health. As we are in the midst of a pandemic, this is of utmost importance.

To continue keeping our customers and employees, safe, healthy, and strong, we have revamped our procedures to operate safely, and effectively in light of COVID-19.

Below is our protocol for employees and workers of Wholistic Brands. This information is directly from the Food and Drug Administration. We are adopting their recommended protocol for food businesses to ensure we are prioritizing, managing and executing the health and safety of our workers and customers.

Employee Health

  • Each day employers are to take their own temperature and report to the supervisor if temperature is 98.7 degrees or higher. Temperature must be 98.6 or under to be considered feverless.

  • Any employees with symptoms associated with COVID-19 according to the CDC’s website regarding symptoms related to the virus are to report them to their supervisor. These employees are to stay home and consult with the local health department for additional guidance.

  • If any employee is found to be sick at work and/or showing symptoms of COVID-19 they will be sent home immediately. Those who have been in contact or within 6ft of this employee are considered exposed and will be sent home as well. All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected in the workspace. If they came in contact with food that is already prepared that food is to be discarded and remade after surfaces have been disinfected. Food is to be made by a new employee who is not sick or showing symptoms.

  • If any employee knows they have been exposed to COVID-19 at any point they are too not to come in and notify their supervisor immediately.

  • We will send out notification through email to our team if any employee is confirmed to have COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality. We will also follow up with persons individually if they have had possible exposure to COVID-19.

Daily Operations

  • Hand washing is of critical importance. We will continue our standard food safety procedures and regulations with appropriate hand washing and glove wearing.

  • We will follow Findlay Kitchen’s recommendation to wash our hands at least every hour, while also regularly washing our hands throughout the normal food preparation process.

  • We will also be implementing more frequent sanitizing procedures on hard surfaces and surfaces that are often touched by employees.

  • Employees must wear masks when entering the kitchen while in the kitchen, and when preparing or packaging food.

  • We are implementing social distancing parameters while in the kitchen as well. While cooking and prepping, employees should try to remain 6 feet apart and should have no physical contact.

  • Employees should only use and work with the equipment they have touched and divide tasks so that there is no physical crossing of employees and the equipment they are using.

Food Delivery and Shipping

  • Our pickup option includes curbside pickup or walk up within their respective time slots. They will call our number when they arrive, and one employee wearing a face mask and gloves will bring order out to the car. The order is already paid for by the patron before receiving food in order to minimize transfer of materials.

  • When delivering, everything is to be handled with gloves and wearing a face masks.

We are excited to continue to serve you! Check out our products page to see our menu and place an order!!

Sources: Best Practices for Retail Food Stores, Restaurants, and Food Pick-Up/Delivery Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic, U.S. Food and Drug Administration:


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